A New Year at Forest School

On a sunny Friday afternoon Year 2 Kestrals and Hawks enjoyed their first sessions.             Acorns and conkers were discovered and blackberries were collected with many squeals of delight! The blackberries and apples soon began to be turned into culinary delights such as fairy soup, crumble and fruit mask. Hands were painted and trees decorated with red prints. Weapon creation required good creative and imaginative skill along with a little knife work to help ward off the evil forest creatures!

Forest School Art

Some of the children in Reception became very creative with clay this week. They decided to use the clay to make a nativity picture on a tree. To complete their picture a collection of natural materials were then added the results were stunning and the children were very proud.

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Autumn Art

finches created a wonderful autumn picture whilst out at Forest school this week. They hunted for items that they liked or thought were interesting and placed them carefully to create this super picture. One child even dragged branches to create a frame around their work.

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Finches Explore the Stream

This week the Finches were challenged to use water for a purpose in as many different ways as possible. Some of the children decided to explore the depth of the stream in different places, initially with their wellies and hands. later they decided to use a stick and thought of different ways to mark the depths.

Another group of children drew water from the stream and carried it into the denser area “We are being Bear Grylls collecting water to survival!”

Some children found some wood pulp and created more by scrapping a rotting log to cook porridge.IMG_2347IMG_2346IMG_2345


Reception Robins Forest School Bugs.

Robins enjoyed their first session of Forest School this afternoon at our stream site.

They explored and collected items from the forest floor to create a bug. Some of the children used a knife to sharpen the end of sticks in order to thread items onto or to stake into the ground.

There were some very imaginative forest bugs created and plenty of risk taking, creativity and critical thinking, problem solving, collaberation and communication skills in evidence.

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A New term and a visit to the Stream Site!

The sun shone as we set off with nursery and After School club yesterday to enjoy exploring the site by the stream.

Cooperation and collaboration, communication and understanding, consideration of others, risk taking and challenge were all very much in evidence.

The nursery children explored and found an empty egg shell and tried to make a nest for the egg. The girls found a hole and dug for worms.

The After school club has a challenge to undertake when they spotted a brick in the stream that they wanted to retrieve. the problem was they were not to get their feet wet! how far can i stretch?, Will this branch be long enough?.  Can we find a longer stick?  I need some help to drag this long piece of twisted wood please. i am delighted to report that the brick was retrieved and much merriment ensued!”

The value of forest School is immense.

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